Who am i?

Name is Jessica, 29 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. I live together with my partner, Ivan our 1,5 years daughter, Norah and our two lovely Siberian Cats, Luna and Kaelty. We also hope in the near soon get a dog aswell in the family.

On this site you will follow my dream to become a pet shop owner with pet grooming for dogs and cats. Also on the side provide dog trainer courses in obidance, Agility and Freestyle.

Here you will also follow my daily life as I am currently studying to become a pet shop owner and advisor for pet shop and as a parent reaching for your goals.

My goal is to inspire others in reaching their goals and dreams.

Follow your dreams, they know the way

Kobe Yamada, the Strive

Where did the weekend go!?

Hello readers!! Hope you are all doing well! Also hope that you had an amazing weekend! Did you do anything fun? Or just took it easy? Whatever you did, hope you had a great time and that you started this week with positive energy!

My weekend went Quick and ivan had free from friday morning (night shift) until today night shift, so we had a lot of family time together and on the saturday i was working again by the pet shop, my 10th day at the summer internship. Was a crazy busy day with lots of customers and employees, two of them i hadn’t seen before. So that was quiet nice and they very also very sweet and helpful towards me.

Also me and Ivan decided to try out the Final Fantasy XIV online game this weekend, so whenever Norah was sleep we tried play alittle, seems really fun game and story. But also lot to learn especially for me who is not an experienced gamer like Ivan is. But we have had some great time playing together as an quality time. We used to play alot of World of Warcraft together and there we actually met. Quiet a funny story (which I might share some other day). So felt that this weekend went super Quick. Like they also does when you are free. Do you play any games, online, xbox and so on? Please let me know in the comments below.

Today we went for a walk at a place with bit of forest and sand and sparkly lakes with beach. We saw lot of dogs and Norah found a new fun game, throwing Stones into the water. But we didn’t let her do it too much as its not good for the water and also because it would have kept us from walking further. However, she is very stubborn and didnt approve on that. But, overall we had a great time!

Ivan went to into working nights again, and little N just fell asleep 30 min ago, so now finally some time for myself before sleeping. Hope your day been great! And hope to hear from you all soon!

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Best buddies❤
Norah and papa Ivan cooking food together!

Today I got a good news about one of my summer assignments! Happy friday folks!

Good evening dear readers! Hope your day have been great!

Today I recieved that I have passed the summer assignments about the Marketing assignments, where we had to pick out a couple of commercials and write about them in the point of Marketing, what was good and what was bad. And I got a grade C on it so I’m really happy for that.

Tomorrow is another day by the petshop and from 10am to 5 pm. So quiet a long day. But we shall see what I get to do tomorrow.

Now it’s time for some quality time with Ivan as Norah just fell asleep. We going to try out a new game together, Final Fantasy XIV online game (or something) think its quiet new. So will be interesting!

Now wish you all great evening and an amazing weekend! Rest well, enjoy and have fun!

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Time – greatest gift in life

Good evening dear readers!! Hope your day been a blast! Anything new happened?

Today our little princess decided she wanted a walk outside before 9 am, she woke up at 7 am today. So Norah grabbed my hand,showed me her shoes and went to her grandma saying byebye and waving. So I asked her you want to walk? And she looked at me with the biggest smile on her face and jumped up and down of excitment. Kinda hard to say no to that. So we went for am early morning walk as the sun started to come out from the clouds. We walked to the boats and the water and could see the mist lift from the water. Quite a sight. So we sat there a bit before walking further. It was really great. But the best price was to see how happy she was for these moments!

So it got me thinking, even for one soo little the time spent with her are when she is the most happiest and the most precious once. But we easily forget that, because of we always busy with things. Work, school, parenting, friend, family. But what I have learned is, time is the most precious thing you can give someone and something you will never get back. Yet it is so simply, free of cost , it could make someones day, heal a broken heart and create memories. So when you plan, do your daily stuff, work, money, school. Is this what you want put time on or focus on the little things that actually matters and you can feel, you gave it all. Think about what is important for you, but dont forget the little things. So why don’t you give a bit of your time to someone dear and show them you care, Think of them. I’m sure you will receive same thing back. What comes around, goes around.

Cheers and enjoy your night!

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

10th day of my summer internship!

Good evening wonderful readers! Hope your day have been great!

Today I was once again at the pet shop and Today went really quick, was always something to do, either put items on the shells, clean the cages and Today I also managed to put together a hamster cage, that was without instructions, so that was fun and something new to do. Also helping customers with finding things in the shop and catch some fishes.

So the day went really quick, the 7 hours of work and I really enjoy it, when there is always something to do and constantly moving.

I also managed to watch two instructions films from my school where they explain things about the internship, how the grading works and how to each week write things about the place and what I have done. Also going to have an 3 part meeting with my mentor, the teacher and me. So that going to be exciting and nervranking.

What did you do today, learned anything new? Please let me know in the comments below!

Have a lovely evening and wish you all a great night!!!

Love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Picture of the cage and myself this morning before the work.

Monday again, 9th day of the summer internship and got my grade back on one assignment! = A Good Monday!

Good evening sweet readers, hope your day been great! What have you being doing today? Back to work, school or maybe some of you still is on vacation or vacation just started! Let me know in the comments below.

Here we just got our little flower to sleep, took a bit, but she finally lost the battle.

Today I was again at the pet shop, got to help some customers with finding things in the store, like brushes, nailcutters, I also fed the birds, cleaned the hamsters cages. Oh and I also got my pet shop shirt today! So know i look like one of them!! Feels really good!

Today I also recieved back my assignment about the food for pets, the one I had to redo alittle and add some more calculations. I yesterday sended an email to my teacher if she could have a look at it before I send it, so I Havent forgotten anything. But I was suprised to see that she had finished it and put a grade on it already!!! So I finally got grade A on it! Which is the highest you can get. So it made me super happy!!!

So I feel that this Monday have been really good day with great News!! Now, tomorrow, Tuesday I will be back in the shop, but from 10 am to 5 pm, a long day, but I’m sure it will be great!

Now almost time for bed, so wish you all a great night and hope tomorrow the sun will shine for you and you feel a step closer to your goals.

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Picture of the hamster cage that I cleaned and decoraded!

Redo of my one assignment about food for pets.

Good evening lovely readers!

Hope your Sunday have been great and that you feel ready for tomorrow, even if it’s Monday. Why be sad about Mondays when we know they always come after the weekend? I know it’s sad that the weekend is over and that it went Quick. However, look forward to a new week, who knows what it will bring. Stay open-minded, positive and feel relived that you have been given a new week to fullfill with things that brings you closer to your dreams and goals.

Today I managed to work on the summer assignment about the food for pets where I had to answer some questions and also do abit of calculation about how much food to give to a dog for instance and had to calculated Kcal into KJ and grams to see how much a dog needs food per day and if you want to give a dog food twice a day. So I think I managed to fix that as I had missed some parts of the calculation. But hopefully I got it now. So I asked my teacher if she could have a quick look at it so that I havent missed anything before I resend it in.

So feels great that I managed to do that today and also write some answers about my internship place as they have questions for that each week.

Tomorrow, Monday I’m back in the shop again from 1 pm to 5.30 Pm as that is the opening hours on mondays. So really excited about that. Oh and I also have to find a time for me, the teacher and my mentor at the shop a time as the school wants us to have short meeting about how things goes… so will see how that goes and when we can find a time… little bit nervous about that… never liked those things. But we need to find a time before 29 of august and book the meeting.

Anyways now time to sleep almost, so wish you all a great evening and a good night. Hope your week will bring many wonderful things at your way.

Stay positive, stay strong, stay happy, it will all be alright in the end.

By Fourpaws trim n trix

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Creative thinking- happy Sunday

Good morning readers!! Hope you are doing well! Any plans for today?

Here it suppose to rain the whole day, so we staying indoor for the time being and with a little girl, who needs enterinment can sometimes bit bit tricky. So this morning we are having picknick inside and playing with the kitchen toys and blankett in on the ground.

So it takes to be creative when you are a parent as the kids constantly want to do new things. Also sometimes when I look at my daughter how she tries solve things and try new things also is a way of creative thinking. So we can learn alot from our children through their play and solving things. Sometimes its why do it complicated, when you can do it easy? I see that often with our daughter. We have a puzzle box with shapes on top, and then you have to match the shapes with the hole shaped shape on the top of the box. But you can also remove the top and then just have a box. So our daughter simply take of the top and put the pieces in the box…. she also knows some of the shapes. But there and then she thinks, why do it hard, when I can just take off the top? That to me is also being creative, because noone showed it her that you could remove the top.

For the rest my plan is to do bit of studying and then we see what else we do this day!

Wish you all a great and happy Sunday

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Happy Saturday evening all!!

Good evening dearies!! Hope your day have been filled lots of joy and happiness. And if it would be a sad day, it shall also pass, maybe not today, but maybe tomorrow. Just make sure you are with people who brings the best out of you. After rain comes the sun! With a little of patience.

I just want to send some motivation/inspiration i found and to Light up your evening and prepare you for tomorrow.

Picture qoute from Google.

Knowledge comes from what we learn. But that’s not all. Wisdom comes from whatever we learn from life. Meaning we learn things as we grow and with that knowledge we also learn Wisdom from things we encounter in life.

Hand in hand we learn and grow, from opportunity, from taking chances and experiences. We all have it, but, different stories to tell, all unique. But we are all in the same boat. We learn, we grow , we love, we mourn, we laugh and we die. So make sure that when you look back at your life that, that is the story you want people to hear and remember and one that you feel proud of without any regrets.

Make it count while you have the chance!

Happy saturday everyone and hope you all had a fantastisc day!!!

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Yesterday was my 8th day of the summer internship!

Good evening everyone!! Hope your day been great and you feel ready for the weekend!!!

Little N just fell asleep, so finally got some time to write.

Yesterday I was at the shop again and was quiet and easy day through out the day. Fed the birds and new water. Helped some customers with advice on food for dogs and litterbox for cats. For the rest it was mostly cleaning up the shells and waited for a delivery with items that got super delyed. But it was a fun day!

Today we had a Birthday celebratation for one of the kids here at Ivans moms daycare, who turned 2. So lots of dancing and throwing balloons up in the air. We also went for a walk in the morning as the sun shined and saw the Swan family again. For the rest it has been a relaxing day and Ivan went into night shifts again and monday I will be back at the store.

How has your friday been? Any plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Wish you all the best.

Much love, Fourpaws trim n trix

Another day at the pet shop, 7th day of the summer internship.

Good evening everyone! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!

Today I was back in the petshop and always feels great to be back.

Today I got to help some customers with selling fishes and advice on dog toys for a puppy. Also today we got two big piles of items, that was going to get into the shop and on their place. So after 3 pm everything got very busy. But the day went Quick. Tomorrow I will be back, so will see what there is to do tomorrow.

Oh and today I also recieved back another summer assignment that I have passed. So that feeld great! For the rest I still have to add and fix the assignment about food and calculation. Which im going to work at it this weekend!

Now time for some Scrubs with Ivan and then sleep.

Good night all!

Two of this big piles, came in today.